5 comments on “Why I Love Rokform: Behind the Scenes

  1. I love rokform products because the case has so many other uses for it. I heard about rokform on the Lex and Terry radio show and was first skeptical about buying a case online but after I got it I was amazed. I had the rokbed v3 for my iphone 4 then bought one for my wife and when my brother gets his iphone I will probably buy one for him for his birthday. Oh, I also pre-ordered the rokshield v3 for the iphone 5. I am a rokform fan for life and if the company was in Texas I would definetly want to work for them.

  2. I learned about Rokform last year and immediately bought a rokbed v3 for my iPhone 4. I work in construction and even though I own the company, I am there everyday building products for my customers. My phone goes with me of course, and the rokbed v 3 has seen its fair share of worksite “abuse”, though you wouldn’t know it from a close inspection. As many times as I have dropped it, both the iPhone 4 AND the rokbed v3 case show absolutely NO signs of any damage!
    That is why when I heard of the new Rokform case for my iPad 3, I preordered mine so it could be as protected as my iPhone! Keep up the awesome work, Rokform, I wear your hat and your shirt quite often so I can promote your company every chance I get! Which is quite often since my rokbed v3 is bright orange and draws quite a bit of attention!

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