One comment on “Customer Testimonial: Mounted RokBed v3 Helped Call 911

  1. This is truly an incredible story! As a former EMT and extrication technician I can attest to how much the contents of your car become little missiles when you are in a crash. I have seen cell phones, iPods, and wallets strewn across the road or even lost completely in collisions that have left cars looking like Jennifer’s.
    First off, Jennifer, I’m glad to hear that you’re alright and that you had the wherewithal to locate your phone (and that you could!) to call 911.
    When I was deciding whether to mount the RMS or magnetic mount in my truck I went with the magnet. As soon as I read this story and saw the pictures I added the RMS. Now I have both. I use the RMS sometimes, and the magnet others…but now I have the choice! Either way, Rokform keeps my phone within reach!
    be safe. have fun!

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